Work Incentives Training For Human Service Professionals

This training is part of the Works for me Program outreach to help individuals with disabilities to gain competitive employment in integrated settings. The purpose of this training is to help you to share information with the individuals you serve regarding the benefits of working and how working will impact their benefits. This training will also provide you with the resources to respond to questions and share information about work incentives and social security benefits while assisting individuals and their families in becoming more knowledgeable and hopefully less fearful about working and receiving benefits.

As you view these webcasts, there are a few guiding principles to keep in mind. First, the dollar amounts included in this presentation, except where noted, were calculated for 2011 and are subject to change. Please note that beneficiaries’ checks may vary, depending on work history, work incentives used and the type of cash benefit program (SSI vs. SSDI). Second, the ultimate goal for all of the work incentives programs described here is to promote independence. These programs have been designed by Social Security to support people in moving off benefits and enhancing their self-sufficiency.
Note: Certificates of completion for viewing these online training modules are not available.

Work Incentives Module Handouts

Fact 1: Three Facts about PA Work Incentives Work Incentives Cheat Sheet
Fact 2: Comparison of SSI SSDI Debbie’s Story
Isaac’s Story
Fact 3: Healthcare Paths
Resources and Tips: How-to Conversations about Employment Referral Tip Sheet
Sample Action Plan Ticket
Work Incentives Resources

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