Promoting a Basic Understanding of Work Incentives for Professionals Who Support Youth/Young Adults in Transition

The information provided in this webcast will help support professionals who assist youth/young adults in making knowledgeable decisions about the transition from school to work while receiving benefits. This webcast will also aid in understanding the value of work incentives in helping these young workers be successful, and to eventually move into greater self-sufficiency. Webcast participants will increase their knowledge regarding the benefits of employment for youth, how working will impact Social Security and healthcare benefits, and how to assist young people with what they need to succeed in adult life even if changes occur in benefits. This training will also provide resources to assist with specific issues of interest to young adults such as: employment, SSI/SSDI, work incentives, health insurance, resources, Age-18 Redetermination, and documentation.
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Work Incentives Module Handouts

Overview: Printable Version - Overview
Employment: Printable Version – Employment PA Work Incentives Resources
SSI/SSDI: Printable Version – SSI/SSDI Comparison of SSI & SSDI
Work Incentive Cheat Sheet & Definitions
Work Incentives: Printable Version – Work Incentives Work Incentives Cheat Sheet & Definitions
Sarah’s Story
Maria’s Story
Luke’s Story
Health Insurance: Printable Version – Health Insurance Medical Assistance Benefits for Workers with Disabilities (MAWD)
Resources: Printable Version – Resources PA Secondary Transition Directory
PA Work Incentives Resources
Things to Consider When Choosing an EN
Redetermination: Printable Version – Redetermination Age 18 Redetermination Process
Documentation: Printable Version – Documentation Representative Payee

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