Introduction to Work Incentives and Ticket to Work

The purpose of this series of 5 webcasts is to equip Social Security beneficiaries with information to help people be less fearful of employment options and encourage the understanding that employment can be a successful endeavor for people who have disabilities.
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Work Incentives Module Handouts

Background Information: Printable Version - Background Information Glossary of Terms
Comparison Chart of SSDI and SSI
Work Incentives for SSDI Beneficiaries: Printable Version – Work Incentives for SSDI Beneficiaries Work Incentives "Cheat Sheet"
Debbie's Story
Work Incentives for SSI Beneficiaries: Printable Version – Work Incentives for SSI Beneficiaries Work Incentives "Cheat Sheet"
Isaac's Story
SSI Calculation Sample
Work and Impact on Medicaid and Medicare: Printable Version – Work and Impact on Medicaid and Medicare Medical Assistance Benefits for Workers With Disabilities
Ticket to Work and Other Resources: Printable Version – Ticket to Work and Other Resources Ticket to Work Program Basics
Things to Consider When Choosing an Employment Network (EN)
Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS)

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